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All Things Candida

by Shelly Dowling in Miscellaneous. Tags: bloating, by amd, candida, fatigue, ion cleanse, ioncleanse, weight gain. Added: February 26, 2015


This webinar is for you if you are experiencing symptoms (see examples) for which no one seems to have a solution or you are a practitioner looking for ways to better help your clients respond to your treatment protocols and get well.

Candida is, perhaps, the most common cause of many of the symptoms we deal with today!  Symptoms include:  allergies, asthma, headaches, weight gain, anxiety, depression, blood sugar Instability, sleep disturbances and many more.  More than 85% of my clients have Candida.  There is a strong possibility you do, too!

Candida, or yeast overgrowth, occurs when the ratio of good bacteria/bad bacteria in the body is out of balance.  There are a number of reasons this may happen.  The most common is the SAD or Standard American Diet!  That is right; we eat ourselves into this condition.  Other causes include: stress, birth control, antibiotics, steroids, anti-fungal medications and much more! 

 In this webinar, I will discuss how you can determine if you might have Candida and how you can get rid of it! I will talk about a holistic approach to Candida that includes; diet, digestion, supplementation, water, exercise, and, of course, detoxification.

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Suzanne Day, 2019-01-08 22:47

Thank you so much... This is a 5++! I started recommending clients to watch this webinar. I am a 70 years old lady still working as an health practitioner but still need to be reminded! I have known about Candida for probably 50 years.... and just discovered the impact of the Ionic Cleansing foot bath. Thank you again.

Donna Bradford, 2017-08-22 04:35

Great information. Thank you Dr Shelly. You really laid it out so well that anyone can follow it. I think I learned more from this webinar in one hour than I have in most of my studies. Donna. Bradford

Sandra Martinez, 2017-06-06 18:21

I need to talk to you 210 5913165 Sandra Martinez from Tx.

Sheryl Goodling, 2016-11-14 20:58

Really Enjoyed all the information, looking forward to putting it to work! 5 Stars

Maria Bjarnov, 2015-09-15 01:29

I loved this webinar! Shelly explained things very well and I learned that I almost certainly have Candida from my high score. I would rate this a 5 out of 5 also!

Dawn Neubaum, 2015-08-17 17:40

I enjoyed this webinar very much. There is a lot of great information, easily understood. The presenter's voice is enjoyabe to listen to. I would give this a 5 on a scale of 1-5. Thank you:)

Amanda Morgan, 2015-08-17 17:36

Great information, Shelly! I am starting a yeast kill 'cleanse' today (diet along with using the IonCleanse) and found some great tips in here that I will adopt. I'm looking forward to seeing great results.

Lisa Klinker, 2015-07-22 20:30

great presenter and good voice! thank you for sharing all your knowledge. 5 stars Lisa

Theresa Stone, 2015-04-09 09:25

Superb info...thorough and very understandable.