shelly Dr. Shelly Dowling

Shelly Dowling is a doctor of chiropractic and has studied and practiced holistic healthcare, energy medicine and weight loss for over 25 years. She has extensive training in digestive health, detoxification, neurology, weight management, and cardiac/pulmonary rehabilitation. Dr. Dowling has served on the Governor’s Council of Sports and Fitness and as an adjunct professor for Fort Hays State University and Logan College of Chiropractic.

barbara-moroneyBarbara Moroney

Barbara Moroney is Co-owner and Internet Marketing Director of AMD. She is the author of Natural Body, Natural Shape, Ionic Yoga: Healing Relaxation for Ionic Footbath, and the forthcoming book Counting Sheep: a Yoga Nidra Path to Better Sleep and Beyond. Barbara received her first ionic footbath session more than 16 years ago. Her training in yoga, which includes certification as a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, has provided her with insight on how relaxation and the release of emotional tension play an important role in detoxification. Barbara  provides  informational webinars and downloads for reducing stress and enhancing footbath sessions using  techniques learned from more than 26 years of daily Iyengar yoga practice and 9 years of yoga nidra meditation.


neill Neill Moroney

Neill Moroney, Co-owner and President of AMD, has worked with ionic footbath technology for over 14 years, giving sessions and guiding practitioners and lay people in its theory and use. The thousands of footbaths he has administered, the daily phone calls from customers who have experienced significant results, along with his own regular regime, have repeatedly demonstrated the healing and healthful effects of an IonCleanse® detoxification program.  This website is a reflection of his dedication to support customers beyond the purchase of an IonCleanse® system to provide the education that will optimize its benefits.

glenn Glenn Wilhelm

Glenn Wilhelm, Sales Manager of AMD, has a broad background as sales and marketing executive with over 25 years of experience in health care and other industries. Glenn joined AMD in 2011, based on the healthful results he experienced from the IonCleanse® system. Glenn believes that the key to success, as a user looking to improve health, and as a practitioner looking to create healthy lives for clients as well as a successful business, lies in education. Glenn’s support does not end with the purchase of an IonCleanse® system; this website is his vehicle for teaching customers how to fit the system into a total program for health and to integrate it into a practice to complement and expand existing services and create great income.


ted Dr. Ted Winchester

Ted Winchester is a doctor of chiropractic and a certified acupuncturist. Dr. Winchester has been in private practice since 1983. His wide range of expertise focuses on system detoxification and inflammation and includes post graduate study in allergy elimination, applied kinesiology, motion palpation, Neuro-emotional Technique (NET), biomechanics of lower extremities, cold laser therapy, applied neurology, and diet and nutrition.

In lectures and seminars, Dr. Winchester has shared his methods for testing toxins and their affect on muscle strength, brain and organ functions. He has taught fellow practitioners how to detoxify the central nervous, peripheral and neurological systems of the body.